Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Part

Nehemiah 3:28 Above the Horse Gate, the priests repaired the wall. Each one repaired the section immediately across from his own house. The city of Jerusalem was in ruins. The gates and walls were broken and burned. It seemed like an impossible task. How could such an enormous undertaking be completed? It's very encouraging to see how so many people worked together to rebuild the gates and walls. Nehemiah gives us an impressive list of families that pitched in to do their part. Each family made it their task to repair the wall across from their home. What an excellent way to accomplish the job. If someone would have just stood in their yard and looked way down to the left, and way down to the right, then they would have been discouraged to see so much work that needed to be done. But if they just focused on what was before them, then they could achieve it. Isn't that all that God is asking us to do? What is my part? What is the obstacle in front of me? What needs restoring in my life that I can work on? That's what I should be focusing on. In a perfect world, everyone would do their part, and everything would get done efficiently. In the imperfect world that we live in, we must constantly refocus on the task at hand, the area of our life that God is wanting to work in and restore. Lord I know that there is so much that needs to be done around me, and it can be overwhelming when I choose to look too far down the road......just help me to focus on what's in front of me!


  1. Yes Lord you see around me ,wow lets start today
    I'm not just posting to be on my son's sermons
    my how I want to please you and walk with you ,and
    share your gospel, so many on my job there life is falling apart, my ears are open. I love you

  2. This could build so much in our church!